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The Plug's latest addition to the Amsterdam Coffeeshop scene

The Plug officially opened its third coffeeshop in Amsterdam last month in the old location of Coffeeshop Rusland. Rusland was the oldest operating coffeeshop in the city after the unfortunate forced closure of Mellow Yellow in 2017. The coffeeshop first opened its doors on April 30th 1975 and remained in the same location for 47 years and was also the first coffeeshop to be given a license by the government back in 1995 when they were first introduced. This location is built on 3 floors and is now the largest coffeeshop in the chain with comfortable seating provided throughout. The inside of the coffeeshop hasn't changed much since the takeover, but they have added some very nice art work and a mural of artists represented by The Plug Records. The menu now stocks similar products to the other two shops in the chain with a nice selection to choose from. You will usually have around 20 strains of weed to choose from, but just like most coffeeshops in the city, the hash is limited to around 5 or 6 different options. You can check out the latest menu below.

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