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Discount Bike Rental

Discount Bike Rental is based right in the centre of Amsterdam, directly across from Terps Army Coffeeshop on Nieuwe Nieuwstraat.

The prices are reasonable with multiple different options of bikes. There are two different choices for the city bikes, a single-speed bike with back pedal brakes and handbrake bike with three-speeds. The pedal brake bike is perfect for inner-city rides, the favourite with locals. If you would rather use handbrakes and want to take longer rides, choose the handbrake bike with three-speeds.

The touring bike has 7 gears and is made of light weight aluminium. All bicycles are equipped with battery operated front and back lights and a carrier rack with bungee cords. The bikes are available in various sizes and the height of the seat can easily be adjusted.

The prices start at €6 for 1 hour and €14 for 24 hours. Discounts are available for longer bookings. 

You can also rent a basket, a helmet and a phone holder, all priced at €3 each per day.

Open every day from: 10:00 – 17:45
During November & April the shop is closed on Wednesday and Thursday.

For more information please visit:

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