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The Bulldog The First

The Bulldog The First (No 90) is located on Oudezijds Voorburgwal and this is where the legacy started for The Bulldog chain. It began In 1974 in a sex-shop located in the cellar of house number 90. In the early days friends used to meet up here and smoke their weed but soon it become more popular and others started visiting to buy and smoke their weed. Eventually the sex shop was converted in to a coffeeshop and in December 1975 The Bulldog was born.

During the early years the shop was regularly raided and sometimes raided 2 or 3 three times per day. In the shop you can see and learn about it's history and check out some of the hiding places for cannabis during those days when the police made a visit. When the police turned up an orange was dropped down from the bar to the basement to warn the budtender of a police raid.

These days The Bulldog is more than just a cellar, the coffeeshop is built on 2 floors with plenty of seating throughout. There is also a nice patio area outside by the canal but due to the location in the red light district it gets very busy here.

The menu is similar to the other Bulldog coffeeshop's in the city and usually stocks around a dozen types of weed. There is usually around 6 types of hash available.

City Canal


Operating Hours

Oudezijds Voorburgwal 90


08:00am - 01:00am
08:00am - 01:00am
08:00am - 01:00am
08:00am - 01:00am
08:00am - 01:00am
08:00am - 01:00am
08:00am - 01:00am

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