Strainhunters coffeeshop is located on Singel in the picturesque neighbourhood of Jordaan. You may remember this place as 420 coffeeshop and Dutch Flowers before that. These days it is owned by the Greenhouse coffeeshop chain and it was officially open fror business on the 18th September 2020.

The shop name is in honour of the exploits and contributions by the owner Arjan Roskam, the late Franco Loja and the Strainhunters team such as Simon, Mr X and Dust. The Strainhunters team have been on numerous expeditions all over the world to locate the worlds finest landraces and strains and bring them back to breed into future projects. Unfortunately while on a trip to the Congo in 2017 to research the benefits of CBD on malaria, Franco Loja contracted the disease himself and it took his life.

These guys have a massive dedication and passion to the cause which has put them into some dangerous situations whilst on their travels. Arjan Roskam said in an interview with Dope Magazine "Our strain hunting team has nearly been killed in Malawi by drunken soldiers, we lost a cameraman in South Africa, who we found a day later in the bush".

The coffeeshop is situated on the corner facing the Singel canal in an area with plenty to offer. There are many restaurants, cafes, shops and cinemas in the vicinity and the famous Bloemenmarkt (Flower Market) is only a few minutes away.

The menu is quite extensive with plenty to offer as you will find many of the Greenhouse and Strainhunter seed companies strains on the menu as well as a selection of Cookies strains. Many of which are past cannabis cup winners. There are usually over 15 strains to choose from and around 8 types of high quality hash.

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