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Easy Times 2

Easy Times 2 is located on Reguliersdwarsstraat, very close to the famous flower market (Bloemenmarkt). You may remember this place most previously known as Coffeeshop Betty Boop.

Towards the end of 2020 the coffeeshop was remodelled and the name was changed to Easy Times 2. The guys at Easy Times had been running Betty Boop for a while, but decided to rebrand it with their original location on Prinsengracht.

The coffeeshop is separated by 2 floors, but only the upper level allows consumption. The smoking room is quite small, but provides excellent ventilation and a comfortable seating area to enjoy your smoke.

The menu is the same as the original Easy Times location and is one of the best menus in Amsterdam. You will have a choice of around 15 strains with choices such as Kosher Kush, Zucotti, Moonshine Haze, Mimosa and Sour Tangie. The hash selection is limited to around 6 types, but some of the best quality hash in the city.

City Canal


Operating Hours

Reguliersdwarsstraat 29


09:00am - 01:00am
09:00am - 01:00am
09:00am - 01:00am
09:00am - 01:00am
09:00am - 01:00am
09:00am - 01:00am
09:00am - 01:00am

Latest Menu
16th December 2021
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