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Cannabis Museum

Cannabis Museum is located on Damstraat, just off Dam Square, right in the centre of Amsterdam.

The museum was created to educate the world about cannabis and to destigmatise propaganda fuelled by the prohibition era.

The museum is built on 3 floors with each floor educating you about all of the different uses and aspects of the cannabis and hemp plant.

The first floor educates about the history and origins of the plant. You will discover the many uses Cannabis has fulfilled due to its many properties. From seeds as a source of protein to hemp-derived ethanol for powering motor vehicles.

The second floor is an introduction to the endocannabinoid system and how the active substances of Cannabis interact with this body. You will discover how Cannabis behaves in our bodies and how this affects us in our daily life and also the role Cannabis plays in society. From the good and the bad points and illegal and legal aspects.

The third floor exhibits the many ways and uses of consuming Cannabis. From bongs to pipes and vaporizers to makeshift devices made from items such as coca cola cans. You will also learn about extracts and how they are derived from the flower and also learn a thing or two about the coffeeshop industry in Amsterdam. Get the latest product information or simply have a chat with one of their informed guides while enjoying a cup of hemp tea.

The tour takes around 45 minutes so it is recommended to arrive no later than 21:00 to ensure you get to see the full exhibition.


Single tickets are priced at €10,00 which includes a Goodie Bag and a 10% discount on any purchases from the Cannabis Museum Shop.

Group tickets are for 5 people and are priced at €40,00 (Five tickets for the price of four!) which includes a Goodie Bag and a 10% discount on any purchases from the Cannabis Museum Shop. 

The museum is open every day from: 10:00 – 22:00

For more information and ticket purchases please visit:

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