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Cannabis College

The Cannabis College is a non-profit information centre located in the centre of Amsterdam's historic Red Light District in The Netherlands. Opened in 1998 by Dutchman Henk Poncin and a few members of a group known as the “Green Prisoners Release”.

In the early days the city government refused them a permit to sell, which left them with little funds after them being consumed by the repair work and upgrades to the building. Regardless of this they carried on, but with no funds coming in as they couldn't sell merchandise as planned, it would soon become a challenge. Despite all of the issues, they carried on with the original goal; to provide information and encourage Cannabis activism.

Eventually Eddie, one of the main seed breeders in Holland was brought in as a partner and eventually due to the dedication of the team. the cannabis college was formed.


In 2009, Eddie retired and the patronage was taken over by Dutch philanthropist, Ben Dronkers who owns the Hash, Marijuana and Hemp Museum as well as Sensi Seeds, one of the oldest and largest seed companies in the world.

The cannabis college features displays of the many and varied uses for Cannabis sativa and industrial hemp, as well as the history of human relationship with the plant.

The staff offer advice and courses, both online and offline on the applications and cultivation of cannabis. There is even a cannabis garden in the basement which you can also view.

The Cannabis College is a professional information centre with free admission. But donations are encouraged, especially if you want to go down in to the basement to see the cannabis garden.

The info centre is open every day from: 10:00 – 18:00

For more information please visit:

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